• The November Quiz Night raised approximately £200 including some generous donations towards the Centenary.


  • The Presentation Evening was a great success, 62 people attended, raised approx. £400.  57 Awards were presented, shared between 39 members with Linda Hewins achieving five.


  • Crib and Whist - last meeting this session Tuesday 17 December2019.  Will resume in January.


  • Carpet Bowls - last meeting this session Thursday 19 December 2019.  Will resume in January.


Forthcoming Events


Monday, 9th December at 3.00pm                  Ladies Afternnon Tea Party



Chairman's Annual Report 2019


Firstly, I would like to thank ALL members of the Committee for their continued support and encouragement during my third year as Chairman for and continuing to carry out their duties with diligence and commitment thus allowing the Club to develop and progress with the minimum of fuss. Thank you.

Without singling anyone out, I would like to thank ALL club members and supporters for your continued commitment to the Club whether as part of the Committee, as players, as members of the mowing team/catering team/cleaning team and other general duties, without your input we would not be able to operate and continue to grow. Thank you.  My thanks also extend to your continued generosity financially by way of your donations and purchases; everything is helping the club retain a healthy bank balance at this time.

I have said this previously in various messages throughout the season but I will take this opportunity again to urge those of you who“are holding back on volunteering” to consider offering your assistance in the coming seasons, any help you can give would ease the pressure on our regular helpers, rememberit isYOUR CLUB andWE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.  This request is especially relevant in this coming season, our Centenary Year, as we will be dealing with a lot more work.

At the 2018 AGM, there was a request made to see if any member would step forward and take the lead in seeking out sponsorship, unfortunately owing to the lack of response the Committee were not able to progress this matter any further and have put their efforts into other areas. Fortunately we obtained a generous grant (to be used specifically for the upgrade to the footpaths) and were able to self fund other improvements, but this may not always be the case. Other than the footpath upgrade previously mentioned, works included the installation of the new sound system in the lounge, the conversion / improvement to the water supply, additional works to improve our compliance with various regulations, general maintenance and the provision of a new drinks chiller.

As individuals or teams, we had mixed success in external competitive matches, the Ladies Teams doing exceptionally well this season.  As in previous years our Club’s reputation continues to go from strength to strength, other individuals and organisations enjoy our green and facilities and look forward to coming back, this I believe is success in itself.

Our club competitions have been well supported again and it has been satisfying to see that there will be a few new names going on the Honours Boards. Congratulations to all our winners and well done to all who entered.  I must thank Karen, Ann and their various helpers for organising/running these competitions.

As previously mentioned the Club has made various improvements over the last year but has still protected its financial reserves, however we need to endeavour to maintain financial growth in order that we can plan for preventative maintenance and future improvements as well as retaining an emergency fund for unforeseen matters. 

Once again, Thank You ALL for helping to make this Club what it is and looking forward to another enjoyable and successful season in 2020.


Keith Mead, Chairman


Other News



Centenary Year Fixtures 



                  Confirmed dates for 2020 are:


                  Fri 06 March 2020 Social and Grand Draw launch

                  Sat 18 April 2020 Open Day - for all members and potential members.

                  Sun 07 June 2020 Bucks Bowls Association Presidential Match

                  Sat 20 June 2020 George Milligan Trophy

                  Wed 08 July 2020 Bowls England

                  Sun 19 July 2020 Friends of Bowls England

                  Sat 25 July 2020 Hawkins Trophy

                  Mon 17 August 2020 Dennyside Charitable Organisation

                  Sun 23 August 2020 Eric Phelps Trophy

                  Sat / Sun 12/13 September 2020 Finals weekend

                  Mon 14 September 2020 Evening Mid Bucks Bowls Presentation Hosting

                  Sun 20 September 2020 Mid Bucks Cup Final Hosting

                  Fri 25 September 2020 Social Evening and Grand Draw


                          In addition to these we already have 51 other matches with confirmed dates.  Plus the usual Roll-Ups on Tuesday mornings &                                     Friday evenings and U3A on Thursday mornings. Other events and matches are still waiting to be confirmed.